Light at the end of the tunnel…woolly thoughts

I have been washing and sorting fleeces day and night since my last blog, and I need a serious break! I expected those dirty BFL fleeces to be hard work…and they were and still are….SIGH…..BUT I am slowly getting there, having washed about half of the bulk I must say that it was worth giving it a try to salvage what I thought would really be rubbish. This is what most of the clean lot looks like, quite lovely:

bfl fleece clean2

The curls are beautiful now, aren’t they? I am only hoping that next years clip will be less labour intensive to clean…god my back…! And to cheer me up the next bulk of freshly clipped greasy fleeces arrived 2 days ago, lovely North Ronaldsay shearling wool (the best of the best!!), some Manx Loghtan and my favourite of the year fresh Gotland curls, oh the curls, they are absolutely beautiful, greasy yes but hardly any veggie matter or seconds to be found. Ooooh that farmer has done a really good job picking those fleeces for me, I and my aching back will be grateful to him for all eternity :o)

bfl fleece clean

What a yummy treat, huh? The photo does not show the multicolour way of the fleece very well, there are cream white and various grey shades in it, mostly grey and truly wonderful. I can’t wait to get them all washed and dried now!  The North Ronaldsay fleeces I forgot to take a photo of, and I haven’t unpacked them all yet anyway, so some pics of those will follow soon.

As it is almost the end of the month, and me having worked late until around 2.00 am on a too regular basis for the last 30 days, this is the face Sam gave me yesterday:


That old boy is so fed up with me hustling around at night, leaving the lights on everywhere, not going to bed when one should…he so deserves a break, bless him, he is a senior 14 year old…so I will turn off the lights and go to sleep early tonight, not doing any more work, not turning on the PC again, not even glancing at those boxes of fleeces from the corner of my eye! I will be a good girl and NOT work tonight.


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