Just finished carding new very yummy merino batts, and I am also carding my freshly washed and sorted rare breed Manx Loaghtan fleece into batts as it is a short staple fleece and absolutely perfect for felting projects! I am half way through washing my greasy fleeces but the greasy lots don’t really seem to get smaller…SIGH… we’ve got about 32 degrees Celsius outside today, and my kitchen is steaming with all the hot water tubs containing soaked fleecewool. Well, no time to complain here! The work needs to be done, point blank. By the way this is my ever so lovely and very very clean lot of Gotland curls, now out and displayed in my ebayUK store:

gotland fleece

yeah it’s really gorgeous and amazingly soft too.  My North Ronaldsay fleeces are not ready yet, still drying on the wool board, they should be ready in about 1 week’s time.

So these are the batts I made today:

New Zeand Merino lambswool

batt7.8 now out and displayed in my Etsy store


Natural dark brown rare Manx Loaghtan, now out and displayed in my ebayUK store:



And because I have been such a busy bee I also finished wrapping my new lot of handmade natural plant soaps! These soaps are a pure dream indeed, I use them all myself so I can confirm that they are truly bliss ;o)


The above soap comes with skin nourishing sheabutter and a gorgeous apricot scent!


This lot below also includes loads of precious sheabutter, chamomile extract and carries a great oriental scent of Ylang-Ylang essential oil:

soap5.8.ylang ylang

I love my little chubby goddess of fertility,  makes me feel less guilty when I dive into the chocolate box…

also out and displayed in my ebayUK store. Do feel free to have a look there for more soap, yarn and fibre details :o)

Spinning wise I am currently working on a custom order of handspun Bluefaced Leicester DK yarns in 3 different natural shades, those are fun to make, and I have got a total of 8 hanks to make until mid August.  But first it’s time for me to take a shower now and leave those fleeces steaming on their own!!

Everyone have a very good and creative month of August!


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