New soap on the blog!

Okay, this will be quite a short blog as I am still working my way through tons of greasy fleeces…getting bored to hear that? Yep, me too! I will be screaming with joy once they have all been washed and packed up to be stored, it’s just hard work and on another hot day like this one today it’s just no fun digging your way through greasy stuff.  Plus I still need to finish a custom order of handspun bluefaced leicester yarn, 8 beautiful dk skeins in white, oatmeal and brown. This spinning wool is ever so gorgeous and of THAT I will never get enough :o)

Anyway, a new batch of my natural handmade plant soaps has finished curing and is now ready to be displayed in all its beauty. I have made some handcut pieces and also some moulded ones, which I always find very attractive. They are castile soaps, meaning that they are packed with cold pressed virgin oil, which is such a treat for the skin as olive oil is very rich in minerals and vitamins and makes any soap incredibly mild and creamy;




You can find those beauties and another wide range of natural handmade, certified soaps in my ebayUK store  .


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