Summer heat and gorgeous batts & fleeces

Oooooh I’m getting there, finally!!!!!! Today is another hot day, 32 degrees Celsius, not funny anymore, I just don’t like hot weather, BUT most of my fleeces have come off the drying board, so now I also have some photos of my gorgeous North Ronaldsay fleeces for this blog, yippieh! Most of these fleeces are first clip, meaning that they are much softer than the average adult fleece, and not to exaggerate but they have a micron count of 21/28/30 microns. Is that awesome or what??? I have also carded one adult lot with some shearling fleece, and the result is ever so yummy!

north ronaldsay clean

that’s the adult fleece, also softer than average at around 26-36 micron.



north ronaldsay shearling

and that’s the yummy shearling fleece, incredibly soft and silky with long locks, which can also be used for dolls hair and hand dyeing, as the grey parts in the fleece will bring out wonderful autumn shades. I love them!

batts north ronaldsay

I drum carded these two wool batts of adult and shearling wool three times for a  smooth and homogenous finish, and they are particularly clean. Because my fleeces are all handwashed and handsorted they still contain some precious lanolin, which is particularly good for the working hands!




I also finished another set of 2 handpainted and drum carded squishy New Zealand Merino batts, which can be found in my Etsy store .

Last night when I started packing orders for today’s mail round I almost forgot to take a photo of the custom order of 8 handspun Bluefaced Leicester yarns!  They were already nicely tucked into the bag, so I left them in there and shot a photo that way:


They are now on the way to their new home here in Germany :o)

Okay, I need to go now and take care of new orders that came in this morning. Then I need to start cutting my new batch of fresh handmade natural soap……..not telling yet what kind I have made, let’s wait and see when they have finished curing. And after that I will be drum carding more fleeces until it will simply be too hot to do anything at all….


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