33rd Medieval Market in Hirschhorn

I have just come back from the 33rd medieval market down in Hirschhorn, which is only 10 minutes from where I live.  Hirschhorn is a small and very beautiful town on the left side of the river Neckar. It has got loads of wonderfully restored medieval buildings,  a medieval market place and of course a great fortress/tower right above the town (you can actually walk up there with ease). Not to mention the great taverns and restaurants in the town centre, and the pastry shop, where I have not yet managed to walk by without buying at least one piece of cream cake……YUMMY!!!!!!!  Well anyway, here are some photos I shot from the medieval spectaculum, it was absolutely awesome!


First there was a parade starting at the market place down to the medieval village. The drummers are part of the Hirschhorn traditional groups that play and march several times throughout the year during various occasions and fests. I SO LOVE HEARING THOSE LARGE DRUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1





There was plenty of opportunity for children to try out the old crafts, which I thought was really great, and you could tell that the kids all had a ball!





There was music played at almost every corner, plus two large stages, one of which was taken by this very popular band, “MUSICA CANORA”,  with their enormous bag pipes and truly great songs. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their powerful music indeed! Plus the guys looked really handsom in those leather garments…. ;o) I said to my sister, who had accompanied me with her partner and their little son that I am a bit of a sucker for men with long hair, and all she replied was: “Yeah, as long as you don’t need to always remove that hair out of the sink and the bath tub!!!” I was crying laughing, mind you, her partner has got long hair too, so she probably knows what she’s talking about….



and yes of course there was also a handspinner around :o) Her yarns were gorgeously soft and spun on a drop spindle. I sort of felt sorry for her wools and fleeces though because they caught on veggie matter and dust that was flying around from nearby stands ever so quickly, it almost made me wheep! Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I am still a bit reluctant to participate at such an event with my labourously spun yarn beauties… I think that they would need some sort of protection from the surroundings. But that lady was very relaxed about everything. Hey, it’s a medieval market after all!


Right, before I go I will display two new yarns, that I have listed in my Etsy store a few days ago….sorry….didn’t have time to show them on my blog any sooner:



Both yarns actually have the same colours in them but the top one is spun with a mix of white and grey wool, whereas the bottom lot is a handpainted skein that was spun with white wool. They are called “ILLYRIA” and “ILLYRIA II”. Hope you like them :o)


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