Brownies and custom orders

Okay, I have finished some of my present custom orders, and in between I had this strong urge for sugar, sugar and more sugar…it’s just that working-around-the-clock thing that makes you wish for a really good boost of calories to jump start your engines. So I took some time out one afternoon to make those:


A yummy lot of brownies, filled with chopped walnuts, lots of chocolate and cream cheese…HEAVEN!!!! They contain a wicked 1lb of sugar, and the fats…well, let’s just ignore those, okay? What a joy to eat  brownies and what  calorie bombs they are… I do not regret munching them down in no time at all!! :o)

Here are some photos of custom orders I finished this weekend:

black dreads2

black dreads3

One set of 5 double ended pitch black dreads, finger thick and super long with 200cm (that’s long!!), made from merino wool. NICE!


ms 27.9

1 handpainted lot of ultra soft (18 micron) merino-silk roving, handpainted in various vintage pink and lilac shades. This one will go to a very lovely lady in Belgium who makes these marvelous award winning “HeartBear” teddies below:

anne's bears

The sweetest things I have ever seen indeed!


And last but not least my first kg (2.2lb) of the 5kg custom order of handspun/handpainted merino yarns in various colourways.  It will go to another very nice lady in…yep…Belgium ;o)

custom slub

custom slub3

custom slub4


Apart from the custom orders I also finished 2 handspun slub yarn designs for my Etsy store, and a handspun and handpainted merino plied yarn beauty:


belle dame3

kriemhilds wrath

I have got more yarns that are still drying on the wool rack, so I will display those in my next blog. Now it’s time for me to eat…no, not brownies, but proper healthy food, and then get on with my yarns and fibres :o)


3 thoughts on “Brownies and custom orders

  1. Hey, your thick and thin yarns look fantastic!!!! You have a very good eye for colours, but you already know that, huh? :oD

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