So far I have finished 3kg of the 5kg bulk order of handspun and handpainted merino slub yarn …..yayh! The yarns are truly coming up nicely, and in between I have finished another custom order of 4 handmade felt strings, or oversize dreads if you like :o)




Plus a new custom order of handspun human hair yarns has popped in – yep, you read right, human hair. It will be part of a degree project, and believe me it’s not easy to spin human hair at all. I have received a total of 300g of hair, so that’ll keep me busy for at least 3 weeks. Hair does not stick to each other like sheepswool or plant fibres, it needs to be spun quite close to the orifice and get just the right twist so it’s not overspun but also won’t come apart when plied…a bit tricky.  As soon as the hair yarns are finished I will display them on my blog!

As to fresh batts, handspun yarns and rovings, I have finished the following fibre babes that I have all displayed in my Etsy store :o)







autumn forest yarn4


Okay, back to the wheel and on with my custom order.  Everyone, have a very good autumn season!!!


One thought on “AUTUMN SPLENDOR

  1. LOVE the idea of handspun human hair!! Tried it once and gave up after the first ounce. I can’t wait to see how you spun it!!!

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