Advent time and fresh yarns

I have finally finished spinning the 4kg bulk order of merino slub yarn, and the first kilo is already swimming in the dyepot. Man I can’t wait for the yarns to be fully painted and dried so I can feel really good about the results. Here they are waiting to get some colour:


I also finished some new handpainted slub yarns for my ebayUK store, they are all of super bulky yarn weight and sold in small quantities so people can choose various colours for smaller projects, like e.g. freeform knitting, felting and also for dreadmaking of course!


Plus I drum carded a gorgeously soft handpainted lot of 4 merino wool batts this morning, which I have also displayed in my ebayUK store. The colours are really wonderful, all warm and earthy shades of lilac, peach, apricot and lemon, YUMMY!

I am currently spinning the same colours into a fingering weight yarn. Something I hadn’t had time for while I was working on the slub yarn order, so now I am thoroughly enjoying spinning a very fine yarn for a change :o)


It has been quite warm again recently, we are talking about 16-20 degrees Celsius, which is very unusual for November, and I don’t like it.  My blood pressure plays up, and I feel dizzy most of the day when the temperature jumps up and down like this. Nevertheless I am preparing for advent and christmas time,  I have to admit that if my sister hadn’t mentioned advent I would have forgotten about it, drowning in yarn orders and making fresh soap batches day and night,  no wonder I sometimes lose track of what season is currently up and around…Last week we there was a huge rainstorm pouring down for hours and hours.  Towards sunset the sky started clearing on the edges, and this is what it looked like –  It was very impressive and so breathtaking!!!!!!



Below is my advent wreath I bought 2 days ago. Over here in Germany we celebrate the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday until christmas eve by lighting a candle for each Sunday, meet with friends, bake christmas cookies and stollen, drink a lot of tea and  be merry and reflective…yes, people also go to church of course, but I admit that I am not too crazy about that part. I prefer to worship the supreme power through my work and through being with my family.


Well, it’s time for me to get back to the dyepot.  Everyone have a very good weekend!




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