Slub yarns and…slub yarns!

Today I wanted to write a really nice and really long blog but I came down with a sore throat, and I am feeling completely run down. I guess I did a little too much yesterday. I worked for 14 hours straight through without a break because I sort of got stuck with  2 new batches of cold processed soap. It took these babies 3 full hours to trace, and I have no idea why. Usually it goes much more quickly but I guess the soap had a mood swing or something… So after I finally finished pouring and insulating the batches it was already late in the evening and I still had to pack up orders for my next day’s postal round. To keep this story short, I finished work past 1.00 a.m., and I am not feeling too well today :o( Still I really want to display the custom bulk order of handpainted slub yarns, that went to their new home last Monday. The colour request was  for multicolour yarns in green, petrol blue, grey, red and brown. Have a look:

I am very satisfied with these colourways. I also spun and painted new super bulky slub yarns which are displayed on ebayUK, if you would like to view them there ;o)

Okay, time for some hot milk with honey and then…off to bed!


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