I wish everyone a very happy New Year 2010!!!! May your creativity run wild and your dreams and wishes come true. Keep healthy and prosper :o)

In the past weeks I was too busy taking care of christmas orders and doing my yearly inventory, so I couldn’t write anything on my blog. Loads of new yarns and fibres have found their way into my Etsy store and into my ebayUK store, so feel free to visit them for more details! These are some of the newly listed, and partly already sold, items:

“Tiger Eye” handspun Merino yarn. SOLD.



“Morgan Le Fay” handspun Merino yarn.  Now for sale in my Etsy store.


Handspun and handpainted extra soft Merino slub yarn: now available in my ebayUK store.


Assorted colour mix, pure BFL wool roving, now for sale in my ebayUK store.



This new batch of handmade soap I have called “BLACK ROSE”. It comes with a great sweet rose scent from a pure rose geranium essential oil. The soap is absolutely awesome!!!  There will be another fresh batch of soap ready for sale this coming up week, a gorgeous “Scottish Honey Blossom” natural soap, and photos will be available for my blog soon! ;o)


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