…and some more fibre coming your way!

Another 3 custom orders have safely made it out of the workshop and to their new homes in the UK, Germany and the States. One set of 4 beautiful handpainted Shetland rovings, to match a fifth lot, which was purchased in my ebayUK store, 3 gorgeous handpainted BFL rovings painted in warm shades of victorian rose, rosewood and autumn-violet/aubergine, and last but not least 4 custom spun merino slub yarns in the colourways of “Willows”, “Mon Coeur En Automne”, “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” and “Ophelia”, as displayed on my website:

Yep, those babies have kept me busy for the past 10 days, but in between I also drum carded new squishy batts that are also out and displayed in my online stores and  2 new batches of handmade natural soaps are now curing on the shelves – one lot of wild rose & cocoabutter and one lot of sweet orange & apricot kernel oil – ABSOLUTELY YUMMY!!!! The sweet orange scent is moving through all the rooms, it is so lovely indeed.

Weatherwise it has been snowing again, another 4 inches within 4 hours, and there is yet more to come according to the weather forecast. The North of Germany has been hit badly by temperatures of around -23 degrees Celcius and tons of snow. I also heard that parts of Poland have been hit by the freezing cold, and that some cities are experiencing long power cuts because the wires are completley frozen and damaged. Man, there is no worse nightmare around than having to sit in an ice cold house without electricity and heating!!! I wonder how the UK and the US are currently coping, will have to read through BBC later on the internet and call my friends in Cumbria for an update.  Due to the cold weather my body seems to be needing more calories than usual (or am I just imagining things…hm….), nevertheless I have been having the munchies, and I can’t seem to stop looking at listings that sell brownies, cakes, fudge and more cholate stuff on the internet…god, just thinking about them makes my mouth water. Perhaps it’s also the working-around-the-clock thing and the knowledge that more custom orders and shop orders are waiting to be processed quickly. Sweets can therefore be such a TREAT!!!! :o)


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