I’m officially sick of snow!!!!!!!!

That’s it, really! I am so fed up with having to clear the driveway and the path around the house every 4 hours, taking turns with my neighbour (who, by the way, is also so sick of all that white stuff), I am completely sore all over, and I can’t even spin an even thread anymore, my hands and fingers hurt so much!!!!!!!!!  It has been snowing heavily for 10 days now, we hardly know where to put the snow anymore. Usually I really really love snow, there is nothing better than to walk throught the fields after a good day’s snowfall, when everything looks like it’s covered in beaten egg white – WONDERFUL!! But now there is no more walking through the fields, unless you want to sink into snowdrifts  up to your chest and dig out your dog a few yards further…if you can still find him!  I truly consider myself lucky to have a tiny post office, a bakery and a bank in the village, so at least I can still mail all my orders that will hopefully make it to their destinations in time. My food storage is still okay, I won’t be starving any time soon but I could use some fresh vegetables, and I am running out of candles as well. A lot of people had to take off work because they cannot drive down the mountain anymore, children have had to stay at home because most school buses did not make it on the roads and ended up in a ditch. The forecast is still warning about more snowstorms to come, and I really don’t want to hear it anymore. At least I can do my work and continue painting my fibres and yarns,  it’s the spinnign that gives me a hard time right now. I have taken some photos this morning after the roads were cleared from the latest snowfall last night:

I wonder when that big blop of snow will come falling off the roof….and who will be buried by it….

The road looks quite good on the photo but it’s slippery as hell and if you are not completely mad and don’t really need to go anywhere urgent you stay indoors at the moment. The county has run out of road salt and grit so here we are stuck on top of the mountain. I already had to cancel dinner with my sisters last weekend, man I was so depressed that evening. But life goes on, doesn’t it? Yep, it has started snowing again as I am writing this post…..


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