Still shoveling and pedalling

We had a snow break for a few days, and I truly needed it!!!  During that time I tried to spin as much yarn as possible because winter is not quite over yet, and yes, today it is snowing heavily again….I am sooooooo fed up with it…… I accpeted a new custom order for 5 skeins of  handspun very fine baby camel/silk plied lace yarn, and I can’t afford any aching muscles right now. Lace yarn requires a steady hand and even spinning, perhaps I will just let myself get snowed in, I don’t really care right now! Here are some more custom yarns I finished last week:

The above colourway is called “Strider”, and a customer bought one skein of it and then decided to order another 4 to be custom painted. The top skein shows the original, and I think the colours of the new lot matches the original very well. That does not always happen if the skeins did not come out of the same dyepot.  I am quite satisfied with the result. The yarns have already gone to their new home in Austria.

This is another custom order, one of my  handspun slub yarns “Mon Coeur En Automne”. It seems to be quite popular at the moment, and I mean the colours are truly gorgeous, I too like this colour combination very much. The yarn has also gone to its new home in the UK.

I also received 3 skeins from Canada that need to be dyed over as their owner is not happy with the dye distribution of the original (a bit blotchy here and there). Boy, this will be a bit of a challenge, the yarns are super fine merino single lace, I really don’t like single lace pure wool yarns because they tend to felt ever so quickly when you handle them, especially when they have already been through a dye session before. The original colour is called “Blue Surf”, a bit of a sky blue, and the aim is to achieve something between a pastel cornflower blue and periwinkle, the customer’s favourite colours. The yarns are currently in their dye bath, and I will see the result later on tonight. If I can catch the new shade properly I will display a photo of the yarns here on my blog :o)


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