Just popping in to say that I am still around…I just looked at my last blog entry, and it’s already been a whole month since I had time to write something. I am absolutely drowning in custom orders, what can I say, it’s that time of the year, and I am more than happy to finish new yarn and handpainted fibre beauties. It’s the little things that are left behind though, like eating and sleeping regularly, boy I never go to bed before 2 a.m., and I am beginning to feel like it too. Never mind though, when one order is finished I am so pleased with it, and it gives me a great boost to start with a new one, really! Last night I finished my 5th skein of handspun baby camel/silk fingering weight yarn for a lovely lady here in Germany, who, by the way, is currently on holiday for the entire month of March….SNIFF…..someone tell me not to get jealous….These skeins are now drying, and I will certainly take a photo of them before I pack them up. I also finished 2 skeins of handspun VERY THICK dolls hair yarn, it’s definitely twice a polar size, beautifully soft but really large, and it will be going to a dollmaker in Romania once it is dried properly, and once I have taken a photo, YEP. So let’s move to the next task – one lot of 50 silk scarves waiting to be handpainted for the German natural cosmetics company WALA that makes the very popular “Dr.Hauschka” lotions and creams, I love their products but they are quite pricy so I usually ask friends and family to get them for my birthday ;o)  They want 25 scarves in dark turquoise and 25 scarves in burnt orange for 2 new sets of eye shadows and lip gloss. I am not allowed to display any of the colours until April 1st when the new range will be out on the market, but after that I will show you the different shades! Right, so I also washed, sorted and painted one large lot of German merino lambswool fleece…in between orders (on the 25th hour, that is!),

These colours are now available as a 12-colour mixed bag in my ebayUK store :

 I also managed to make 2 custom felt soaps from my own natural soaps “orange blossom” and “wild rose” for another lady here in Germany:

And last but not least I managed to spin and paint one yarn beauty for my Etsy store, my “Marianna in the South” pure ultra soft merino/cashmere blend. It has an absolutely gorgeous feel to it!!!!!

So in case you wonder why not much is going on in my online stores at the moment, do forgive me, I will card fresh batts and paint more rovings and yarns as soon as I can! I have already got a great idea for new colourways!!!! ;o)


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