Merry month of May and a little addition

Long time no blog, I know…. For the past weeks I have been trying to produce extra yarn for my group of knitters, who will help create some really fine garments from my own yarns for a 2011 exhibition I am planning,  and I really really wish that there were more than just 24 hours in a day!! I am a bit behind with a superfine handspun lace yarn that will be going to a knitter in the UK to be turned into a super fantastic lace shawl, and I absolutely must finish it today, there are new orders coming in each day so I better not be slacking ;o) Today is a German holiday, which gives me extra time and peace and quiet to sit behind my wheel and pedal along, while listenning to some gorgeous classical music – I dug out my ancient LP’s (so glad I have kept them the whole time while moving from country to country these past 12 years!!!!!!!), dedusted them, and now they are coming back to live, how absolutely marvelous after all the time they have been sitting in a box,  hidden away in the storage room. I am an 80’s girl, so apart from classical music I have also got lots of wonderful LP’s from e.g. Mr.Mister,  Tears for Fears, OMD, Little River Band, Sally Oldfield, and in between some Ella Fitzgerald or Nina Simone…. oh they are my babes, absolutely!!! Right now I have got Rondo Russo from Saverio Mercadante on the turntable, what a delight… somewhere deep in that cardboard box there must still be my ancient Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, one of the very few editions played by an orchestra that does not seem to want to turbo speed through spring, summer, autumn and winter!

We got  a little addition to the small flock of Heidschnucke sheep grazing up the hill, a beautiful black lamb, and the ewe is doing a fantastic job protecting it, man, I would not want to enter that field for anything in the world right now:

The left sheep is a yearling ram, and I am still wanting his fleeces when shearing time starts in June, he better not be throughing himself into the dirt too much now ;o)

There are a few freshly painted rovings that I have displayed just now in my ebayUK store and in my Etsy store – a wide range of fibres and yarns  made it into my online stores and onto my website in the past weeks, so everyone feel free to browse through my stores and enjoy the new colourways!

Time for a cup of tea and some Ella…!


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