It’s finished!! It’s finally finished!! My latest finest elf yarn design, and the thinnest plied yarn I have ever spun in my entire spinning career – a whopping 950yds per 3.4oz. I started out with spinning 2 individual cobweb threads…I stopped counting the hours I spent behind the spinning wheel for those, mind you in the end it took me 6 hours to just ply the suckers!! It’s a 50/50 bfl lambswool/tussah silk blend and therefore very soft with lots and lots of silky sheen. I must say that I am immensely proud of this design, it is very, very beautiful indeed. I have called it “AVALON”:

it is now for sale in my Etsy store. Feel free to have a look there for more details.

As a treat for all the hard work I baked a cake for myself and the rest of my family, a chocolate/hazelnut/fromage frais cake.  Wonderfully chocolaty, nutty, moist and not too sweet…just perfect!

Making this cake is very easy and takes about 20 minutes plus the baking time of course. Here is the recipe for this yummy lot:


150g butter or margarine

250g sugar

pinch of salt

5 eggs

250g fromage frais , 20% or 40%  ( also called white cheese or quark).

200g dark chocolate, melted in a water bath

300g ground hazelnut

200g plain white flour

1 tbs of baking powder

100g melted dark chocolate to glaze cake with.

Mix the eggs, sugar, pinch of salt and margarine. Then add the hazelnuts, flour and baking powder. Finally add the melted dark chocolate while the mixer is turned on.  Pour into big enough cake tin/pan. Bake at 175 degrees Celsius for 60-70 minutes. The cake will keep for quite a while, 8-10 days. You can also freeze parts of the cake, the quality or the glaze will not be affected by it! The tin I used for this cake is called “Gugelhupf”-tin. I bought it a long time ago at a German flea market.


2 thoughts on “AVALON & CHOCOLATE CAKE

  1. I love your yarns! Do you spin mostly lace weight? I have just started spinning lace weight to make shawls and I am really liking it! I have spun a lot of silk thread so this fits in very nicely! I am going to have to write down the Chocolate Cake recipe and try that! It looks very yummy!

    • Hello Monica,
      thank you for your lovely comment on my handspun lace yarn and on the chocolate cake recipe :o) I mostly spin fingering weight yarns, and a few times per year I find the time to finish such a mega project like my “Avalon”. These very thin lace yarns take forever to spin and ply so I can’t spin them too often, but I love making them!! Hey, enjoy trying the cake recipe and HAPPY SPINNING! Heike

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