The past 10 days have been a complete nightmare for me. Most of Europe was affected by a really bad heatwave, I’m talking 38 degrees Celsius and rising, boiling afternoons, melting asphalts and collapsing people all around you…..NO FUN!!!! Things were so bad that I could not drive anywhere anymore, with 50 degrees inside the van and no AC you definitely think about going places twice. Okay, but how on earth was I supposed to spin any yarn, let alone dye any wool in boiling water while the air inside the house was already so thick you could have cut it with a knife!? I went and switched to working at night, when it was dark outside and all the windows wide open but that still did not help very much at all.  Yesterday we finally had some good thunder storm and heavy rain coming down, and the night was lovely and cool again. Tomorrow the weather forecast is, again, warning of high temperatures around the 33 degree mark. Man how I have been missing Northern England – I swear, if the summer seasons continue to be such a torture in the future I will very soon be moving up North towards the sea again! Anyway, before the heatwave started I managed to finish the white BFL custom yarn order, and I also finished another custom order of 1 skein of handpainted BFL yarn, worsted weight, which went out to its new home in the US 2 days ago:

The request for this handpainted lot was that the same colours should meet when plied together. The shades are very lovely and very earthy sunflower, burnt orange and rosewood pink.

As today’s weather was cool enough  for me to turn on the stove and the oven again I frantically started painting several rovings and a dozen of yarns before tomorrow’s day of hell no.13!! While the fibres were cooking in their dyepots I went to drum card 10 wool and silk batts, 4 of which I took a photo of as they are now listed in my Etsy store , the rest will follow later:

If you want to cook (at all) on a hot summer’s day you may want to try out a very delicious puff pastry pizza! I was eating bread, cheese and joghurt for days, and just for once I wanted a nice hot meal again. So here it is, a vegetarian pizza that I made last night after the fantastic thunder storm, it takes just half the time to bake than a regular pizza:

The ingredients I used for this one were:

1 roll of puff pastry (about 200g)

1 tomato

50g salakis (greek sheep cheese)

5-6 Tbsp. of tomato sauce or pasta sauce

100g Edam cheese

mixed herbst for pizza/pasta (oregano, marjoram, thyme, basil, rosemary),

some fresh garlic or garlic powder

1 medium onion, chopped

bake at 200-220 degrees Celsius for about 15 minutes.

Enjoy!   Bon appétit!   Eet ze!   Buon appetito!   请慢用!    приятного аппетита !  ;o)


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