Fresh fleeces, cake and coils

Yesterday I received my new bulk of freshly clipped wensleydale fleeces, and I am SO DELIGHTED with them!!! For the past 10 years I have been receiving fleeces of various qualities (most farmers don’t give a fig about the wool, they mainly go for the meat money), from thorny to completely ruined, and quite often I had to throw away almost 50% of the fleeces because they were not suitable for craftswork and therefore not worth washing. This year I found a new supplier, and I will stick with him for the rest of my life! Have a look, the fleeces are skirted but not washed yet, and you can already see the high quality:

I paid a small fortune for them but they are so worth it, I am really really pleased with them. I am also currently washing freshly clipped Bluefaced Leicester fleeces – their quality is better than last year’s (remember the nightmare photo from 2009 ?) but I am still skirting up to half of some of the fleeces.  We are expecting temperatures in the high 30’s Celsius over the weekend, so I am trying to get as many fleeces washed today as I can. They can then properly dry outside in the roasting sun, while I will hide myself away in a darkened room behind my spinning wheel ;o)

I have very much been in the mood for spinning some beehive yarns….yes, I really have to be in the mood for that type of yarn. Due to the plying technique used on it my back goes stiff quite quickly and the muscles start aching. But I enjoyed making 3 designs, here they are:

For more yarn information please view my Etsy store.

And last but not least something yummy :o) It was my nephews birthday a few days ago. He turned 4, and I made a lemon Gugelhupf with lots of lemon icing for the party – the cake lasted exactly half an hour!

My sister baked a chocolate cake in the shape of a viking boat, topped with gummi bears as the vikings, sails, rows, shields and everything, it looked fantastic! I would have loved to take a photo of that beauty but it was already gone 2/3  10 minutes after arrived. The kids were faster than my camera.

Right, time to go back to fleece washing….it’s so much fun…..not….but the result will be a huge reward! :o)


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