Cashmere, Silk….and more greasy fleeces…

There has hardly been any time to add a  post to my blog…which is nothing new of course.  It has been very rainy and cold for the past weeks, and I have been having such a hard time trying to get my washed fleeces finally dry….man, what a headache it’s given me.  The past 2 days have been lovely though, nice and warm and sunny, and guess what – the fleeces dried up within 24 hours! And I have still got another  30 kg (about 66lbs) of greasy fleeces to dig my way through….SIGH…..BIG SIGH….at this pace I will be washing and sorting these babies until christmas!  But autumn is slowly approaching, and this is lifting up my spirit enormously. The light is changing outside, and especially the greens of the fields and hills are turning into a green gold when the sun is shining, a colour I love  very much. The leaves are also starting to turn their colours, and soon we will be having golden yellows, browns and oranges as well, a great inspiration for my yarn and fibre projects! :o) 

Well, I have not been idle since I wrote my last post, apart from washing and sorting tons of fleeces day in and day out (S-I-G-H) I have also been working on a custom order of  800 yds of very fine handspun and plied 50/50 baby camel down/silk lace weight yarn, 130g(4.6oz)/800yds, yep, that’s thin, about 35 wpi I reckon. I finished plying it about 1 hour ago, and it has turned into a very gorgeous lot indeed! I will wash it tomorrow, and then it will be going to its new home in the US on Friday. I also finished painting 4 new lots of 50/50 cashmere/silk yarns in solid colours, here they are:

Sandstone red, lavender purple, periwinkle blue and apple green – gorgeous? Gorgeous!

Plus a while ago I finished another custom order of super long felt dreads, 2.2yds per double ended dread, to be exact:

And apart from all these beauties above a new bunch of handpainted rovings and handspun beehive yarns have also found their way into my ebayUK store and into my etsy store. Please feel free to visit my shops for more information. :o)


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