AUTUMN – season no.1!!

I love it, I absolutely love it! Autumn is the finest time of the year indeed, and it’s so here! I know it comes with cold and nasty weather, a lot of rain and…sore throats…coughs…runny noses….well, you know what I mean. But this season is simply unbeatable when it comes to natural colours and colour changes out there, and mother nature is having a ball!!! So here are my latest yarn and fibre designs that I finished this week. They are all out and displayed in my Etsy store:

Super fine merino and mulberry silk drum carded batts

Super fine merino and mulberry silk drum carded batts.

“Herbstfeuer” (that’s German for “autumn fire”), handpainted and handspun very soft Bluefaced Leicester yarn, fingering weight.

“Odd Fellows Arms”, handpainted very soft merino yarn, fingering weight.

“Autumn Forest” very soft handpainted merino yarn, fingering weight. Now, is that a typical and vibrant autumn colour, or not?! :o)

Also, the custom yarn order of 2 skeins of handspun super fine camel down/silk yarns went out to their new home in the US a while ago, and I almost forgot to take a photo of these babes!

That’s about it for now. I have got some more yarns drying on the wool board at the moment, so I will display those a bit later. Everyone have a really good autumn season, enjoy your craft works and the beautiful colours outside! Keep warm though and have a lovely cup of tea in between ;o)


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