Felting wool and lots of sunshine

October was a fantastic month! The weather was perfect, lots of sunshine, mild temperatures, hardly any rain…what a delight! I tried to spend as much time as possible outside with Sam, enjoying that wonderfully blue sky and all the autumn colours around me, these rusty browns, reds and oranges are really getting to me, they are so breathtaking. And all month I have been painting a lot of fibre and yarn in various autumn colours…I can’t even remember all of them but you can find them in my Etsy store and in my ebayUK store if they are not sold yet.  Also a custom order of 500yds of fine camel down/silk lace yarn needed to be finished, which has already arrived at its new home in the US (I know….late with my blog….again….):

 I also had my sister and her little girl over for a weekend. I enjoy their visits very much, and Sam always has a ball with my niece, he seems to be lacking cuddles (PLEASE….if it was up to him he would be cuddled and massaged all day long!!) and  hugs…..the way he acts when visitors are around makes me look like a she-devil, I swear.  As if he never gets any hugs and cuddles from me….he is clearly showing symptoms of withdrawal around my friends and family. E-M-B-A-R-R-A-S-S-I-N-G! Anyway, my niece and him are truly glued together the entire time:

When I am on my own I often don’t eat properly. I mean, you work 12-14 hours every single day, and you are so into your work pace that you don’t really notice you are hungry until you start feeling faint….hm, a bit late then…so I eat a lot of sourdough bread with cheese or honey or tofu spread between sorting orders, painting wools and spinning yarns, oh, and stirring soap of course. There is no time for cooking really, so when people come around to my house that’s when it’s time for a hot meal, and boy do I enjoy it! For one day we chose a pasta dish with fresh vegetables and kidney beans,  quick and easy to cook and really yummy! And being a colour fanatic I had to take a photo of the dish because I loved the “colourway”so much…no comment…

Okay, change of subject ;o)  From November until February there are a lot of birthdays and of course christmas coming up, so I have been taking a few hours off per day for the last week to try myself on some felting projects. I hardly ever do any felting work, it’s the handspinning and wool painting that gives me the greatest kick, but every once in a while I pack out my felting needles or my bubble wrap and olive soap and get felting. I wanted to try some felt wreaths with Wensleydale and Bluefaced Leicester fleece locks incorporated into, and this is what I have finished so far:

The doll of wreath no.1 gave me a really hard time because I wasn’t sure how to felt the arms and legs properly. They look a bit mummie-wrapped but for the fact that I don’t make them very often I think they came out okay.  I am currently finishing a third wreath with little felted pumpkins, very autumn style, very sweet.  Aaaaaand because I have been such a busy bee I had to treat myself a bit to….well….more chocolatey things like handmade truffles…. ooooohhhhh, anyone mentioning the word “diet”? Not now please, maybe later, much later! This is what I ordered and am now waiting anxiously to arrive: Caramel truffles, filled organic dates, Gluehwein-truffles and honey-cinnamon truffles….come on….how could I resist!!!???

It’s a German lady who makes these delicious truffles, I have bought from her many times before, and she makes everything fresh from scratch right after the order comes in. She sells on DaWanda , a German online market, where  I too sell some of my items. Right, I have to finish this blog now before I go into cold turkey because these truffles are not within my grasp yet….SIGH….

Everyone have a very good autumn season and HAPPY CRAFTING!!


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