Here comes felt wreath no.3! I finished it this afternoon, and I am mighty proud of it :o)

I also incorporated some of my handspun and handpainted thick and thin yarn into this wreath. I think it looks really lovely. Not sure which one of my friends will be getting it, I will make up my mind once I have finished all 5 wreaths as planned.  Man, and I hope that none of the recipients will be reading my blog in the near future……hm……..

A custom order for handspun thick and thin rainbow merino yarn made it off the wool rack and will be going to its new home in the US on Monday morning, here it is in all its splendour:

Actually I need to get back to sorting 3 new lots of handpainted wensleydale curls, a fresh lot of handpainted BFL curls, and I should also spin another 4 lots of thick and thin yarn to be handpainted tomorrow…..uggghhh, maybe not, it’s Sunday after all, I need a little bit of rest every once in a while.  Next week will be another long week with a lot of overtime because I am a bit behind with painting fibres and yarns. So let me get a lovely hot cup of tea and some yummy chocolate truffles made by the German praline lady – YES, they arrived 2 days ago, oooooohhhhhhh I am in heaven!



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