Cheaper worldwide shipping rates for 2011!!


My first blog this year comes with great news for all my non-European customers, which of course includes the US, Canada, Australia and Asia. When I went to the post office today the lady behind the desk told me that the new shipping fees for wordwide mail have almost halved!!! YAY! I was really delighted to hear it, and I have already adjusted the shipping rates in my Etsy store and in my Dawanda store!

For my ebayUK store it will take me at least one week to fully revise the shipping rates because the bulk change system does not work properly there…SIGH… Nevertheless, here is the link to my own postage list for my ebayUK store, which has already been changed, and which you can certainly use for your order in my ebay store: . Just request a final ebay invoice from me if the automated system gives you a ridiculous shipping fee at the checkout, and I will sort things out for you.

Everyone have a very healthy, prosperous and creative  new year 2011!!!


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