Fresh batts and a new cushion for Sam

So, winter has come back to us….I must have been daydreaming, thinking that the last 2 weeks of blissful spring temperatures and lots of sunshine would announce an early change of season here in Germany. Man, it’s only January, there can still be a lot of frost and snow to be expected until April! I wish it was real spring already, the past days have been such a lovely foretaste, I loved it, and so did Sam.  He is truly getting old, he’s not walking as fast as he used to, and he doesn’t do that much running outside anymore. I guess it’s time for a thermo-jacket…I am not a fan of dressing up pets, in fact, I believe that they have naturally and reasonably thick coats that should keep them warm during the cold weather seasons, but with old pets you do get worried, they become so fragile, and because they move more slowly they don’t warm up properly outside. I make Sam sound really old now, he’s still a frisky dog though, and he jumps after his tennis ball like a pup, but I can’t deny the fact that he has become a real senior. I have given him a new cushion, it looks a bit like a waterbed…AND SAM LOVES IT!!!!

once he properly curls up in there he almost disappears, that looks so snug!

Anyway, 4 new lots of freshly drum carded merino-silk batts have made it into my stores, 3 of them are now displayed in my German DaWanda store

and the 4th lot is a 4-pack, now displayed in my Etsy store.

Also a lovely mix of soft and super soft wool/silk neeps and bits have made it into my ebayUK store.  It will be perfect for any felting project!

This may not look like much to show for after 3 weeks of not adding any news to my blog, but I am currently working on some custom orders, plus I had to restock my regulars, like e.g. the handpainted ultra fine merino-silk rovings and my handspun and handpainted thick and thin yarns. That took me quite some time. Another bulk lot of handpainted BFL curly fleece is currently drying on the wool board so I can restock my BFL fleece mixed bags. Yep, never stop painting and spinning :o)


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