Chocolatemania – Anyone for seconds?

Perhaps it’s my current workload, or the weather, or the season, or just the fact that I am going through another munching episode that simply doesn’t require any further explanation.  All I can say is that I HAD TO bake an extra large chocolate spice cake 3 days ago (no photo available as already 2/3 gone…), nice and moist with tons of chocolate in it! Plus for the past 3 days I HAD TO HAVE  super chocolatey hot chocolate for breakfast, lunch AND dinner…thank you very much….and only then would I be fully chocolatey saturated and happy!  Heaven knows what’s been going on in my brains, all I can think of is CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE!!  Well, sooner or later I will have to negotiate with that chocolate devil inside of me, if I am still interested in being able to fit into my new summer clothes I bought last month, and if I don’t want to turn into a human pug! Perhaps it’s really just a phase….

Okay, before I dig back into that chocolate cake I will display 2 custom orders I didn’t forget to take a photo of for my blog before they went to their new home  (yeah…memory going down a bit…perhaps some choc can help…hm…), here they are, 8 oz of handspun super fine merino-silk yarn in dk size, and 1 superwash merino roving in the requested colours of black, rich red and rich dark blue, to be painted in segments:

The yarns were spun from my drum carded merino-silk blend, seen below:

and at the moment I am trying to desperately finish a fine handpainted and handspun BFL fingering weight yarn in rainbow colours so I will have 3 free bobbins to start on a custom order for some handspun camel down/silk lace yarn. Apart from restocking my regular handpainted yarns, rovings and batts another lot of 2 batts and 2 new handpainted lace yarn designs have now made it into my Etsy store:

Feel free to view these babies in my Etsy store, or in my DaWanda store, as I have split them up.


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