Sea breeze yarn and a sweater for Sam

Okay, here comes my BFL yarn I have been announcing for a while. I have called it ” At The Lighthouse”.

It’s a  very beautiful light fingering weight yarn with 24 wpi. According to US measurments and because of the high wpi I know some would call this a lace weight yarn, but it isn’t over here in Europe. Needle size wise it is still a light fingering weight that can be knitted with US 1.5-3+ needles for a dense but not tight knit. From now on I will always include both, recommended needle size(s) + wpi in my yarn descriptions, so people can use this information as they know it.

2 new lots of handpainted super fine merino/mulberry silk rovings have also made it into my Etsy store, into my ebayUK store and into my DaWanda store:

Both designs have been patch dyed, so they are shown in braids. This seems to be the best way to show all the colours in harmony.

Okay, I’m off now to continue on a doggie sweater I want to knit for Sam, I have got some soft handspun oatmeal bluefaced leicester yarn left for it. Remember the lovely rain cover I got for him because he just didn’t move around fast enough anymore to warm himself up properly outside during the cold and wet days? Well, as far as I can tell Sam thinks that this rain coat SUCKS!! He wore it twice, and both times he didn’t want to move an inch….he kept trying to shake the thing off, but I still tried to walk him , I simply didn’t want him to get soaking wet again, having just had a serious throat infection with lots of coughing going on, day and night. So I rather dragged him through the field than anything else. It was no fun for neither him nor me.  Okay then,  I  want to try something more flexible for him to wear, something that will keep him warm, especially during the snowy and windy days, and I thought that a wooly dog sweater would be an idea. Well, we will see, I have so far finished the neck area. If this sweater comes out lovely I will take a nice picture of Sam wearing it. If it doesn’t come out lovely….well…then we shall never speak of it again…. :o)   :o)


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