Honey Blossom and Rainbow Yarn

Some more custom orders have made it out  to their new homes. Yes, of course I forgot to take a photo of the baby camel/silk yarn but I didn’t forget about another order, which was a set of 3 skeins of bulky handspun&handpainted merino slub yarn in vibrant rainbow colours, very soft and very squishy indeed:

These babies will be turned into a super cosy scarf, as far as I have heard. :o)

2 days ago I took a whole day off wooly stuff and made a new batch of fine soap with an enchanting scent of spring honey blossom, truly gorgeous and currently floating through the entire house (the scent, not the soaps) – I LOVE IT!!

It’s a 6.7lb batch (3kg), and the soap bars will be weighing around 4.2 oz (120g) each. They won’t have finished curing until next month. Man, I can’t look at them for too long  because, along with this heavenly scent, they remind me too much of honey-chocolate cake…..and my mouth is watering…getting the munchies….must avert my eyes from these soaps!!!!! Please note that soap is definitely NOT edible, no matter how lovely the scent or how much they remind you of food. :o)

Today I finished 2 orders of wool dreads. They are currently drying out in the sun, and if I remember to take a photo (!!!!) I will certainly display them in my blog later. Got another order of 20 handspun white slub yarns to finish by the end of this month, and I am also very busy preparing my spring online exhibition!! The exhibition keeps me really excited, and so many talented knitters have been helping me getting wonderful garments finished – I can’t wait to get the site set up and online!!! 2 more garments are still in process, and more handmade knitwear will be added later through the year. I am planning to extend the exhibition according to which new fibres and yarns I will be adding to my current stock. The site should be ready around the 15th of March, so do feel free to visit my website www.needleworks-pleasure.com soon! I have got some breathtaking garments to present!! :o)

And last but not least, the weather has been so lovely for the past days, the nights are still frosty, and the wind can still freeze your earlobes off, but yesterday Sam took his first 2011 sunbath, and he thoroughly enjoyed it, have a look:

Yes, he’s an old boy so I don’t let him lay down on the cold tiles anymore, I moved his basket into the sun instead. It was so funny to see that all the village dogs (and there are plenty around!) were stretching out in the sun when I drove to the post office yesterday morning. No barking, no howling, just blissful sunny peace on earth and very happy dogs indeed.


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