What am I up to, and is it spring yet?

Okay, just a quick update on what’s been happening in my workshop – same old, same old, only just about twice the package and at a faster speed. I have been trying to get all the Easter orders sorted as fast as I could, so never stopped carding batts, dyeing rovings and spinning yarns. Right, half of the goodies have already been mailed, one of which was a custom order for one dozen of handmade soft felt chokers/short necklaces in various rainbow colourways. They have already arrived in Tokyo, to be part of a fashion show in May (okay, they are not really “Easter Goodies”):

I am hoping to see some photos of the show with the models wearing my necklaces….oooh me so proud…. :o)

Another set of 4 custom spun camel down/silk fingering weight yarns are in the making, and skein no.3 should be plied by tonight. I also made a new 5lb batch of soap with the most wonderful scent!!!! It will be called “Water Nymph”,  a very suitable name for an emerald/indigo blue soap with the scent of water lilies and a touch of melon – I will display some photos once the soap has come out off the mold.

These two lots below of extra fine merino & silk I carded this afternoon, and they are now out in my etsy store:

they are part of my regular stock, and I repeat them quite frequently. Feel free to view them on etsy for more fibre details. Okay, off to paint 2 new batches of merino lace yarn…at least that’s my plan…I may just finish 1 today, it’s getting late, and I should go outside for at least an hour to enjoy the wonderful spring sun!!! YES, IT’S SPRING TIME!!!  YIPPIEH  :o)


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