Of slubs, silks and lavender purple

I will be getting my first bulk load of freshly clipped fleeces next week, and yes the weather forecast predicts a whopping 30 degrees Celsius…..man, I so don’t need the heat when I have to handwash greasy fleeces…. same story every year though, and the fleece washing season will continue until October. So let’s pull up the sleeves and just get on with it! ;o)

2 custom orders have been finished, 1 lot of handspun super bulky merino single yarn, which will be used for dolls hair, and a second skein of handspun & handpainted slub yarn in very vibrant firey shades, that will be turned into dreads. Here they are:

Also a new colourway of handspun merino slub yarn has made it into my ebay store this afternoon, a very lovely light lavender purple:

I have also listed a new lot of handpainted super fine merino-silk roving in my Etsy store, plus 4 skeins of ultra fine 50/50 cashmere/silk yarns in sandy colours:

I hope you will enjoy the new colourways. :o) I am off now to sort a freshly dyed lot of wensleydale fleece in a vibrant orange, oooooohh! And after that I think I will allow myself a nice Sunday afternoon off, before I get back into gear on Monday.

Everyone have a very lovely month of May and HAPPY FIBRE CRAFTING!!


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