Royal baby alpaca & finest merino

I went to see a regional alpaca breeder a few days ago and had a look at her freshly clipped fleeces – OOOOHHHHH, I have finally managed to obtain some ultra fine 17 & 18 micron royal baby alpaca fleeces in light rose-grey (my personal favourite) and in medium rose-grey. The medium rose grey needs some serious cleaning though, plenty of veggie matter in it….I will have to take an entire weekend off for sorting it… but I also got a 19 micron natural white baby alpaca fleece, which is actually very clean, hardly any vegetable matter in it, but the amount of dust is amazing. I will first need to give the whole lot a good wash before I can actually display it. You wouldn’t think it’s a snow white fleece, rather grey at the moment. :o) But I am very, very pleased with my 2011 stock of alpaca fleeces!  One lot of light rose-grey and one lot of short clip royal baby alpaca  is already out for sale in my ebayUK store.

And for those who can never have enough fleece wool for dolls hair, felting projects and hand dyeing, I took one very clean and good quality German Heidschnucke fleece off the wool rack today. Its straight locks are a whopping 12 inches long, and the fleece is now displayed in my ebayUK store:

Compared to the royal baby alpaca this one is a monster….hahaha….well, with a micron count of around 42 it’s quite a hefty baby. Human hair has got around 40 micron, and this fleece is therefore another touch thicker even.

And last but not least some of my freshly painted BFL and Merino rovings have made it into my Etsy store, have a look:

The last 2 photos show the merino rovings, quite a tutti frutti colourway this time. :o)

Man, I just looked outside the window…it’s been very dark, cloudy and windy all day but do you think that just one little drop of rain would hit the soil???? We are absolutely desperate for rain!!! The fields and forests are bone dry, and most beasts are already getting extra hay because there is simply no grass left for them. That’s so ridiculous, it’s not even summer yet and the grass is already gone.  I know that the UK has got the exact same problem, my former neighbours and the farmers over there are close to doing a raindance! And at the same time Australia is experiencing another flood, and we have heard of overly huge tornados in some parts of the US.  Let’s hope that the weather will balance out a bit, a lot of us are certainly wishing and hoping for it.


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