Four-Castle-Corner & Update on Royal Baby Alpaca fleece

My sisters and I went to the Four-Castle-Corner in Neckarsteinach with the kids last weekend. It was a long bank holiday weekend, and the weather forecast predicted up to 30 degrees Celsius with a cloudy sky, which was perfect for a day out! I am not a sunlover, I can bear about 10 minutes, and after that I hop from shade to shade like a vampire because I just feel ill from the direct sunlight. The Four-Castle-Corner is only about 30 minutes from where I live. It’s called “Vierburgeneck” in German. We had a great day out!  We took photos of 2 of the 4 castles, the ones we visited:

It’s not really possible to get all 4 castles onto one photo, unless you stand on the other side of the river to cover the entire mountain corner. But you can certainly walk from castle to castle on the same mountain level through the forest. 2 of the castles are still inhabited, and the two above are ruins, which you can visit and climb the towers for a breathtaking view across the river Neckar and the entire Neckar valley. All 4 castles were built around the 11th century.

And because I have been a busy bee I finished sorting the royal baby alpaca fleece on Sunday and also got the white baby alpaca fleece washed and sorted. They are incredibly beautiful, have a look:

I was very tempted to dye some of the white fleece…and I gave in. ;o)  I dyed 4 lots, purple, teal, navy and lagoon-aquamarine. Once they have dried and been sorted properly I will display them in my next blog.

We finally got some good rain today! What a relief, and the air is so much cooler and clearer now. Some parts of Germany have struggled with too much rain, up to 60 litres/square metre, that’s definitely too much, resulting in rivers breaking out of their banks and flooding so many roads and houses. It’s just crazy.


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