Rose soap delight and blonde fleece locks

Here are 2  new handspun yarn designs that are already displayed in my etsy store, my “INDIGO SKY” and “BLANCHE”. One is an evenly plied sport weight Bluefaced Leicester yarn, and the second design is an extra fine merino beehive yarn, both very pretty indeed, have a look:

Also another custom order of 4 shoulder long and 3 midback long double ended wool dreads in pitch black, deep sea blue (the first photo is very bright and the black and blue shades are indeed a very dark pitch black and a very dark sea blue), leaf green and mocha have gone to their new home in the US:

And now my pride and joy of the week! My latest batch of handmade natural soap that is currently curing, and which will be ready for sale around July 6th.  There are two new deluxe designs among them,  a flower fairy and a forest nymph. Here they are, my new “Rose Butter Delight” soap lots:

Yes, I certainly had to make some more of my lovely chubby goddesses, I love them so much. Some may find them obscene because they don’t know that they are very ancient fertility figurines from about 10.000 BC…not the soaps of course, but the design. :o) 

And last but not least, 2 freshly handpainted lots of wensleydale fleece locks in honey blonde and mocha-taupe and the earlier announced handpainted ultra fine baby alpaca fleece wool are now displayed in my ebayUK store:

The wensleydale batches contain a lot of shearling locks, so the average length is 10-25cm (4-10inch). Very beautiful with lots of sheen that will make the best dolls hair and art yarns! :o)


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