Merino wool & Mulberry silk

4×2 new handpainted lots of super fine merino wool (20 micron) & mulberry silk have made it into my Etsy store and my DaWanda store. Feel free to have a look. :o)

A quick note on my stock of washed and painted wensleydale fleece locks: I am slowly but surely running out of wensleydale fleece, and my new bulk will not arrive until next month. There will be 5 more dyelots of wensleydale locks painted next week in dark sea blue, rose pink, saffron, honey blonde and aquamarine, about 1/2lb per colourway – and this will be it until I get my new bulk of greasy beauties.  So the lots you can view in my ebayUK store are all I have  got left in stock. Please don’t wait too long with your order if you need a particular colour for your felting, spinning or dolls project, it may be gone quickly.

Everyone have a very good and most of all sunny weekend! :o)


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