Rose geranium in summer and new water scheme yarns

I believe that summer has somehow arrived, but could we please have more even temperatures please??? Man, 1 week I am freezing off my bum with a very sad 15 degrees Celsius outside, and next thing you know the thermometer hits a whopping 35 degrees within just 24 hours – COME ON!!!!!  The huge jump really gets to your blood pressure, and I personally did not cope with it well at all. This kind of weather makes you really tired, you drag yourself from A to B, your brains are no longer, they have been replaced by fluffy cotton wool. It doesn’t help with the daily tasks ahead of you. Well, I managed everything at snail pace, which is better than no pace at all, huh.  So 3 new handpainted yarn designs have made it into my Etsy store, all in very vibrant and rich water shades from teal, aquamarine and pond green to petrol blue and petrol green, very beautiful, have a look:

Also several new handpainted wool rovings came off the drying rack since my last blog, 2 more lots are currently drying, and these are the latest 2 that were listed on etsy yesterday:

I have shared out all the lots between my Etsy store and my DaWanda store.

Today is another rather cold and windy day, around 14 degrees Celsius, and before we get one more of those famous intermittent hot days I thought I should use up the remains of my coconut oil stock before it goes rancid with the heat. I made a very lovely 4 lb  batch of rose geranium soap with lots and lots of good old shea butter.  The captivating scent and its vibrant colour bring back the sunshine without the heat…nice!

My rose butter batch from last month will have finished curing by the end of next week, and the soaps will then be displayed in my ebayUK store and of course in my DaWanda store :o)

Okay, back to the dyepot now. Everyone have a very lovely summer,  keep cool…or warm…whatever the weather will throw at you!


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