Ultra fine yarn and fibres

The weather was more than kind in July…at least to me. :o) It was one of the chilliest months for the past 30 years, and I certainly did not mind. Perfect weather for washing freshly clipped fleeces though they wouldn’t dry for a while due to a great lack of sunshine. Well, I am a patient woman. August will be another busy month of fleece washing for me, and I will probably be washing until the end of October. A new bulk of Bluefaced Leicester fleeces will arrive this week, and a bulk of wensleydale fleeces next week.  More to follow soon I hope, I am trying to get a good bulk of washed wensleydale fleece stocked to last me at least one year until next clipping season. This year I ran short of these gorgeous curly locks very early.

So, before the large bulks would arrive I thought I should take advantage of the cool weather to also spin some more yarn. Here are 2 new yarn beauties that have now been listed in my Etsy store:


“WASSERLAEUFER” soft New Zealand lambswool, 2 skeins in total (photo showing 1 skein):

“LIME IN THE SKY” ultra fine 16 micron merino:


and I have also been painting a lot of new rovings, mainly super fine (20mc) merino-silk & ultra fine (16mc) merino, they have all been evenly distributed between my DaWanda store, my Etsy store and my ebayUK store:

The colourway of the last photo I painted 4 braids of, and one braid I have kept to spin into a fine lace yarn. I am half way through so far, and it spins like an absolute dream, I love this blend very much indeed. I am not sure if I will finish this yarn soon though, considering the tons of greasy fleeces waiting to be washed…but if August remains just as chilly as July I will certainly be spinning a bit each day.

Well, gotta get back to the wash tub. As soon as the first clean fleeces have come off the drying board, which may take a bit longer than usual, they will be listed right away! :o)


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