Curly fleece in all its beauty

Here comes the first lot of hand washed and well sorted Bluefaced Leicester fleece in natural white, natural black and natural rose-grey that I have now taken off the drying board and listed on my German website in the fleece section (just contact me if you need more information, the site is in German but I will be more than happy to assist you). I received a rather small quantity of greasy BFL fleeces this year because most of them were soiled and not suitable for any craft projects, so the farmer did not pack them for me in the first place. But the lots that I have got here are indeed very beautiful, very clean and very well sorted. The white lot will probably not make it into my ebayUK store because there is just not enough to share out between my other market sites:




The rose-grey (above) lot is particularly soft and fluffy. It’s a first clip fleece with all its qualities!

This afternoon I also prepared 3 new sets of handpainted BFL fleece mixed bags, which are now listed in my ebayUK store . I also sell each colour individually on my German fleece site, so if you would like to add more of a particular colour to a mixed bag just let me know, orders can certainly be combined for a cheaper shipping rate:

Today my first bulk of greasy wensleydale fleeces arrived, so please bear with me while I dig my hands into them to get the lot washed and sorted.  The wash tubs are already steaming!!  :o)


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