I am rarely ever happy with the weather (I like rainy, I like windy, I like a little bit of sunshine and lots of clouds!), so here I go again complaining about it….for the past 5 days it has been so hot and  tropically humid you would break into a heavy sweat just by walking from one room to another. And here am I schlepping heavy washtubs around filled with hot water and greasy fleeces, all steaming away like crazy….this is NOT the right weather for cooking wools…  I am longing for the seaside, I am seriously thinking about moving again, further up North towards the salty waters. There is always a fresh breeze blowing, and the sun will certainly not burn you alive!

But since I am not living by the sea at the moment I can at least create 2 lovely yarn designs with a maritime touch. :o) Here they are, my corespun beauties “SEAFOAM” and “BEACH SHELLS” with coils and really lovely to look at:




They are both displayed in my Etsy store.

I received a 1 oz sample of Goldendoodle hair yesterday from a guy who would love to have some handspun yarn from his dog’s coat. He said that the hair is very soft and fluffy,  and with 2-3 inches long enough to be spun into yarn. Okay, I thought I would give it a try as I have not really heard of this particular breed before and didn’t know what the coat would be like…turns out the long hair wool is rather coarse and the undercoat too short, it was soon thrown out by the carder. The dog wool felt almost like old adult alpaca fibre. It was a nightmare to card and another nightmare to spin, man, I forgot to take a picture of the hair, but once the yarn is dry I will take a photo for the blog. It is quite “hairy”. Perhaps if the fibre was blended with a softer sheepswool it would make a lovely yarn.

Okay, time to close all the shutters and sit in the dark until the hot day is over….hate it, hate it, hate it!


One thought on “I WANT TO LIVE BY THE SEA!!!!!

  1. Hello from Michigan. I just discovered your fiber blog when I was searching for fiber sea shells. I think your sea foam seashell spun yarn is the most beautiful spun yarn I have ever seen. I wish you would teach me how to spin. All your hand dyed rovings and batts are stunning. I think we might be kindred spirits I want to live by the sea too. I love listening to the sound of the raining falling on my sky windows and I love listening to the sounds of the wind blowing through the trees. And BTW I lived outside of Gissen Germany for 2 years when I was a nurse in the military. Hits Judy

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