Award winning shearling fleece!

Here comes my award winning and very high quality wensleydale shearling fleece, which is currently displayed on the fleece page of my German website DieHandspinnerin only (= Wensleydale Praemiumvlies).  Do feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



I will certainly display it in my ebayUK store as well, I am running a bit late with everything, but things have been piling up lately….one custom order of 5 skeins of super bulky handspun and handpainted merino slub yarn in vibrant rainbow colours has gone to its new owner in the UK this morning



I am also currently working on a custom order of 7 skeins of handspun camel down/silk yarn “An Elf’s Dance”, lace weight (340yds/2oz), which will take me until mid November to finish. There are still several greasy fleeces that need washing and sorting…and, oh yes, I almost forgot, I will also have to move house within the next few weeks…now AIN’T THAT FUN, now that the wool season has started…marvelous!  My landlord’s daughter decided that she wants to live in the house I am currently in, yeah, why not, just for a change, huh. Being kicked out doesn’t feel very nice, in fact I am completely pissed off (excuse my language). It took me about 2 days to get used to the thought that I will have to pack up my bags and my dog again…3 moves within 3 years, man, I really need a break. That’s the disadvantage of not owning the house but I don’t really believe in buying a place yet, I kind of like moving places and countries, usually at my own decision and time frame of course. The house looks chaotic wherever you go, several rooms have been packed, stuff flying around where it doesn’t belong, the last room to pack will be my workshop, so business can remain as usual until the very last minute. So, apart from working 24/7 I now need to find a new place to stay. Perhaps that’s a little too much stress for me, which has resulted in a very bad cold. Here I am, coughing and sneezing away while the September sun means really well today and brings out the pre-autumn colours in the fields and forests…BEAUTIFUL, haa-tchoooo…. What I am upset about the most is that I won’t be able to really enjoy autumn, everything is a mess, no cosy corner, no time to rest – oh I do hate my landlord and his daughter right this moment!

Still, I will get over it, eventually, life goes on and things will settle down sooner or later (hopefully rather sooner than later!), and I will move along with the seasons again, spinning my yarns, painting my wools, inviting friends and family to my new place….wherever that may be! CHIN UP AND SMILE  :o)



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