White pencil yarn back on the block

After several months of waiting my white pure wool pencil yarn is now back in stock. It is displayed in my ebay store.

 And a new colour has been added to the pencil yarn stock – vibrant deep red….very beautiful!

Furthermore I have been painting (and carding) 4lb of fresh fibres, they can be found in my etsy store, mydawanda store and also in my ebay store:

“Baby Alpaca & Angora” carded batts:

“Bluefaced Leicester”:

“16 micron ultra soft merino”:

“Merino&Silk, super soft”:

There will also be new batches of handpainted wensleydale fleece locks in saffron yellow, sea blue, leaf green, vibrant orange and honey brown, they should be dried and sorted by the end of next week.

Well, it’s definitely October, and we have had our first stormy, cold and very rainy autumn day today. What can I say, I really like it, call me mad, I just do. I love the strong cold wind so much, Sam doesn’t. But this year he will be wearing a sweater for the first time! Made with my handspun Bluefaced Leicester yarn, of course, haha. He will look handsome and quite hip in it :o) I will take a photo for the blog soon. I also found a new house, and I will be moving my stuff at the beginning of December. I am glad that the search is over, I am not really excited though, the past weeks have been way too stressful, I just can’t feel happy yet. The new place is actually very pretty with large rooms and a large porch,  it’s further up in the mountain forest, which, however,  may cause some problems during winter when we get a lot of snow. I may then have to walk to the local post office, which is around 3 miles from the house. Well, we will see, perhaps we will not get that much snow this year after all. The view from the porch is breathtaking though, you can look very far into the valley, I think I will enjoy sitting out there a lot. It’s just that I could have thought of better things to do than having to look for a new place to stay….right at the beginning and into the wool season….  Still, I am glad that things will be sorted soon and hopefully everything will be back to normal quickly.



One thought on “White pencil yarn back on the block

  1. Beautiful fibre – as always! Glad you found a new home. I wish I could stop by sometime to enjoy the view and see you in your fibre habitat.

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