Extra soft wensleydale fleece locks

There is now a new lot of extra soft wensleydale fleece in stock! It’s the softest wensleydale fleece I have ever had, it is really beautiful. It can easily compete with the softness of fine kid mohair fleece, and it will be perfect for handspinning soft art yarn, soft dolls hair,  coat collars and for felting projects. The average length of the locks is 10-12cm (4-4.8inch). You can find this fleece in my etsy store:



Also 3 new lots of handpainted wensleydale fleece locks are out and displayed in my ebayUK store:



And last but not least I am now stocking a very soft  24 micron Polwarth combed wool roving/top from New Zealand. I have already dyed 2lb of it, and the handle is indeed gorgeous. You can find this fibre in my etsy store and on my German website dieHandspinnerin.


That’s all for now folks. Back to the dyepot and later to my spinning wheel, I have so far finished skein no.4 out of 7 custom laceweight skeins of a 50/50 baby  camel down/silk blend, and I need to get into gear with these babies. ;o)


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