November beauty

I have been meaning to take my camera along  on my walks with Sam to capture some of the splendid autumn colours that are literally thrown around by the trees at the moment, and I have been forgetting about it on a very regular basis… nevertheless I grabbed my little Olympus one afternoon to catch this watercolour cotton sky:

You usually get to see this kind of cloud forming during winter before heavy snowfall. The clouds hardly moved, and I found it very calming indeed…mind you with all that chaos and a maze of boxes throughout the entire house…..SIGH….. Well, we will be moving at the end of this month, and I am actually looking forward to it now. Most of the stuff that comes with moving house has been taken care of, and I am beginning to relax a little…just a little…there’s still plenty of work ahead of me before things are good to go.

Anywho, pounds of wool tops, fleeces and yarns found their way into my dyepot last Monday, and here are the first dry lots of pure Bluefaced Leicester wool, a superb quality 80/20 ultra soft merino/silk blend, and more wensleydale fleece locks:

 I also painted some wonderful shearling locks in the above colours, they measure up to 12 inches in length – beautiful:

The shearling locks and the  have been displayed in my DaWanda store, and the regular lots in my ebayUK store.  Feel free to have a look there. :o)  My custom order of 7 handspun camel down/silk skeins is nearly finished, one more skein to go. Man, didn’t I pull a nerve in my back 2 weeks ago? It hurt like hell, and it really slowed things down, no spinning, no painting, no heavy lifting allowed.  Anything else? I am hoping to get that last skein onto the bobbin and plied very soon, they truly want to go to their new home. Plus the next 2 wholesale orders are waiting to be started on too. Yep, it’s wool season! :o)


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