An Elf’s Dance

Now in the middle of painting a wholesale order of 35 merino and bfl rovings I thought I should take a quick break and update my blog because the handspun custom yarns “An Elf’s Dance”, which are a blend of 50% ultra fine camel down wool and 50% pure tussah silk, are finally finished, YAY. :o) I am very pleased with the result. They will go to their new home in the UK and be turned into a very luxurious bed cover:

I personally love this blend very much, the quality of  baby camel down wool is equivalent to cashmere and produces truly soft and velvety smooth yarn.

Yesterday was drumcarding day, and 4 lbs of extra fine merino-silk batts have made it into my Etsy store and my DaWanda store. :





And 2 fresh batches of handpainted wensleydale fleece locks will come off the drying board very soon, one in blackberry purples/mauve and the other in ruby red/pink. YUMMY!! ;o)

Okay, back to the dyepot now.  EVERYONE HAVE A VERY GOOD WEEKEND!


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