Autumn impressions & introducing RosieLovesParis

Today was a very sunny but crispy cold day, and I remembered to take my camera along when I walked Sam this morning for some beautiful autumn impressions of the Odenwald countryside where I live :o)












The last photo shows the view from my kitchen window, very picturesque, right? Well, that view will change in about 2 weeks time, when I will be moving one mountain further and into the woods – then my view from the kitchen window will entail an entire valley – I hope I will be able to take some lovely photos there as well. :o)

Now I would like to introduce Diane’s Blythe Dolls and her etsy store called RosieLoves Paris. She kindly allowed me to use some of her photos, and I can finally demonstrate what can be done with my wensleydale locks when it comes to dolls hair. Thank you so much for your permission Diane!! :o) The locks used here are my hand dyed extra long wensleydale shearling locks, which measure an average of 10 inches in length. God, the dolls look absolutely wonderful, have a look:


Please feel free to visit her Etsy store, where she sells these beauties and also various dolls clothes!


Also, back in stock are freshly dyed wensleydale fleece locks (regular size = 10-20 cm/4-8 inch long) in vibrant streaky light and dark pink/ruby red and blackberry purples/mauve pink, they are displayed in my ebayUK store:



This will probably be my last blog entry before I move house. So everyone have a great autumn season and HAPPY FIBRE CRAFTING!!!


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