New colours in stock!!

Oh yay, oh yay, we have finally moved!! Everything went really smooth, and I am SOOOOO relieved, it was my greatest worry that it would snow heavily and that the movers would not be able to drive up the mountain. Or that it would rain like crazy (just as bad when moving…) and all my furnitures and boxes would get soaked. But no, the weather was fantastic, sunny, blue sky with just a bit of a morning mist. Phew, a huge load of worries has fallen off my back, I must say. Half of the boxes are already unpacked and the stock room is fully set up and organised. I will resume painting and carding this coming up week, and everything will be back to normal.

There are now 4 new colours of merino wool roving (top) in stock: skin/light apricot, shocking pink, neon green and neon yellow, all displayed in my ebayUK store along with my assortment of over 60 individual colours!

The neon colours are incredibly vibrant and the skin/light apricot shade will be perfect for dollmakers (for the face and limbs).

Also back in stock is my super soft carded merino wool batt mix, containing a total of 11 gorgeous colours. It is perfect for wet and dry felting and very easy to work with.  Making e.g. felt jewelry, felt soaps, bags, hats or flat surfaces with it is a breeze! I have displayed this mix in my ebayUK store and also in my etsy store:

Okay, time to sort out my kitchen further and unpack 1 or 2 more boxes before I go and relax for the rest of the evening. Everyone have a very peaceful and warming advent season! :o)


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