The coldest day and a bulk of fluffy wool

Man, it’s been mighty cold outside for the past 10 days or so, I have been finding it really hard to walk Sam at minus 15 degrees Celsius, other parts of Germany are currently measuring down to minus 23 degrees.  Sam has been wearing his winter coat, I have been wearing several layers of undergarments, double thermo pants and two pairs of thick socks,  plus all wrapped into a thermo coat …. and yet I am freezing up out there within minutes. I know, I know,  Norse people and Canadians will have a good laugh reading this right now. You guys are so used to these temperatures, bless you, you don’t have any trouble driving in 6 feet of snow either, I do admire that, really!  I will have to drive down the mountain quite often within the next week, and I am dreading just the tought of it… according to the weather forecast we will be getting a healthy amount of snow around Wednesday….not sure I like it, not sure at all. I am seriously thinking about getting a 4-wheel-drive, the mountain roads are just too steep for my van, things can get really slippery up here.

Well, let’s change the subject. I have dyed a new batch of rovings for my online stores, my tea tree & rosemary soap has finished curing, and I finished another wholesale order last weekend, which has  gone to a feltmaker in Northern Germany. Some customers don’t mind if I take a photo of the wholesale rovings and yarns for my blog, others request that they will not be displayed, so please don’t be wondering if I don’t display any further information other than when I started and finished the order.  Okay, here are my own rovings (merino, merino-silk, polwarth), which you can find in my ebayUK store, my etsy store and also in my DaWanda store :

And here are the new soap designs with tea tree & rosemary essential oil,  specially suitable for problematic skin:

Today I received a large parcel from a customer, filled with the most gorgeous bulk of blended German down wool and German angora wool, a dream to run your fingers through!  It’s a whopping 8 lbs of fibre that I will be custom spinning into worsted weight yarn, which will take me….forever…give or take a few days…. Luckily the lady, who is the proud owner of these fluffy beauties,  is not in a rush of receiving the yarns back, otherwise I don’t think that I could have accepted this order. But I will most certainly enjoy spinning this blend, and I can also take some photos of the yarns to add them to my blog later.  :o)

Last but not least, a new handspun yarn design (they have become a bit rare lately, I know) has also made it into my etsy store, it’s a worsted weight, wpi 11, 100% merino superwash wool, very colourful and veeeeery soft. That’s all for now. Everyone have a very good weekend and KEEP WARM.


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