Give me a T-E-A-L….give me a M-A-G-E-N-T-A….!

One more custom order for handspun yarn has made it onto my order list, and that’s about all I can handle until mid April, I’m afraid. 1lb (450g) of handpainted and handspun fine Bluefaced Leicester yarn in teal, aquamarine, blueish purple and some opal has been requested by a very lovely lady here in Germany, who would like to knit a light cardigan with it.  As of now I still accept custom orders for handpainted rovings but my spinning wheel is fully booked for the next 4-5 weeks, sorry guys. I pedal as fast as I can, wheel smoking and all…. This is the colourway of the Bluefaced Leicester fibre:


Once the yarns are finished I will certainly display them on my blog. :o)

Apart from spinning yarn I also painted some extra fine 70/30 merino-silk rovings this weekend, one lot in vibrant magenta-aubergine purple shades and another lot in vibrant light and dark teal, aquamarine and opal – GORGEOUS!!!



Both lots are now displayed in my DaWanda store. I will be painting and carding more fibres for my etsy store later on next week. Also another batch of very beautiful handspun and handpainted rainbow slub yarn has been listed in my ebayUK store:


That’s all for now, folks. EVERYONE, HAVE A VERY LOVELY SPRING SEASON….it’s almost here!!! And enjoy your fibre projects! :o)


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