Fresh from the dyepot!

As announced last week, here are my new batches of handpainted merino wool (20 micron), extra fine and yummy, and merino&silk (18 micron), super fine and super yummy! :o)  I also managed to restock my handspun and handpainted slub yarn in light teal. More of the lavender and natural white slub yarn to follow shortly towards the weekend:

You can find these little beauties in my Etsy store and in my ebayUK store.

Spring has finally made it to the Odenwald mountain chain, where I live on one of the peaks. It’s a wonderful sunny day today, birds chirping, blue sky, so good for the soul…..and my windows need some SERIOUS cleaning!!!! That’s the down part of the first sunny days of the year, you can now clearly see all the muck and dirt on the glass that has been accumulating during the autumn and winter storms. And because my sisters and their kids will be visiting on Sunday for a lovely pre-Easter get-together and a homemade pizza-munch, I will absolutely have to get out bucket and towels and get cleaning….I am not too crazy about spring cleaning. I would rather do what Sam does very well at the moment – snoring away on his blanket…SIGH…

This is the spring view from my porch, into the valley:

and I will need to do something with the porch to make it a bit more welcoming and cosy – I should plant some flowers…actually I prefer herbs much more. Well, we will see. First, the windows!!



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