Spring yarns, batts, and the moment of truth….

Here comes my spring update on handpainted yarn beauties and fibres. I am still working my way through custom orders, the handspun yarns are coming out veeeeery nicely, but tonight I will have to take a break starting at 20.15h – RTL is currently showing “Game of Thrones”, and I am a great fan of Sean Bean, plus it’s a fantasy film, and I quite liked the first 3 episodes that came on TV last night. Except that I was watching the film with just one eye on the TV screen, the other eye was glued to the PC sorting out fibre prices….yes, here comes the sad moment of truth. I managed to keep my fibre and yarn prices stable all year for 2011, even though wholesale prices went through the roof first thing in January 2011, rising a whopping 40%, and then another 30% last September. Man, that makes you sweat, I can tell you. For 2012 I can no longer maintain my old prices, as I keep buying in new stock. On average my fibres went up £0.10-£0.30 per 0.9-1.1oz lot in my ebayUK store, but I have not increased the prices  for my carded batts at all. The handpainted rovings went up about £0.80-1.00 per 3.5oz lot. Fingers crossed that the global market will be more settled this year.

Let’s change the subject. Spring is so in the air, and today was a wonderfully warm and sunny day. 3 new batches of handpainted yarns have come off the drying board, 2x ultra fine merino deluxe superwash and 1x 70/15/15 virgin wool/silk/bamboo, all in very vibrant colours. I am very pleased with the results:




Each lot consists of 4 x 3.5oz skeins, they have been distributed between my etsy store and my DaWanda store. I can certainly combine purchases from both stores, with the price converted into the currency of your country.

Also 1×4 and 4×2 pairs of my standard colourway merino-silk batts have made it my etsy store and ebayUK store, plus this lot:


a pure pitch black super fine merino wool blended with mulberry silk in lavender purple, turquoise and lapis lazuli blue, oooooooh.

I have listed a 150g large bag of ultra fine royal baby alpaca fleece in natural dark rose-grey, a real beauty with just 17 micron (THAT’S SOFT!), requiring some sorting because it still contains little vegetable matter here and there. I just can’t find the time to sort it myself, so I have listed it on DaWanda at a lower price than I usually charge for a sorted lot:


Still, I so need to sort out my porch, it looks bare and lonely, no spring delight at all. Sam may still think that we are not staying for good after all…



…”Heike…..we are staying….right?…..RIGHT????…… Bless you mate, YES, we will be staying here. :o)


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