Oh I am so excited about Easter. Not only because I will finally get 4 days off in a row but because I will be celebrating Easter Sunday with my family, and this means a wonderful day with homemade cakes and cookies, lots of chitter-chatter, and of course hiding painted eggs and little chocolate Easter bunnies in the garden so the kids can go on an Easter hunt.  Of course the Easter bunny will have jumped over the fence and disappeared into the neighbour’s garden only moments before the children come around the corner, but hey, that’s just tough luck. Perhaps if they will be just a little bit faster next year they will be able to catch a glimpse of him, I am sure. The Easter bunny will be ever so busy trying to distribute all his eggs and chocolates on time, you know. :o)

Before the holidays I thought I should update my blog because 10 handpainted crinkle silk scarves have made it into my etsy store. :o) I have been selling them for quite a while in my DaWanda store, and I thought I should also display some of them on Etsy. I am taking a short break from my spinning wheel to paint 18  crinkle silk scarves for a German lady, who owns a printing factory, and she would like the scarves for her employees as a gift at the end of April. There should be 9 scarves in ice blue and 9 scarves in aquamarine, they should match any of the top shades of her colour chart. I think I am coming quite close:

The crinkle silk scarves are perfect for nuno felting and of course for wearing as they are.

Everyone have a very HAPPY EASTER and enjoy the first warm days of spring. ;o)


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