Fluffy clouds of wool and spring soaps

I am in the middle of a major wool painting session, and about 1/3 of it came off the wool rack today. 80/20 ultra fine merino-silk braids (GORGEOUS), now displayed in my etsy store, and extra fine handspun slub yarn (YUMMY) listed in my ebayUK store. Here they are:





And my 2 new batches of cold pressed natural soaps, that I announced in my last blog, have finished curing and are now displayed in my DaWanda store. The first batch comes with a wonderful lilac scent, that will take you straight back to the spring season, and the 2nd batch comes with a blend of sweet orange and a pinch of warm cinnamon, a magnificent scent that calms the senses:



I am waiting on an early bulk of freshly clipped wensleydale fleece to arrive. I didn’t expect  to receive it this month, rather towards the end of July. It certainly doesn’t make me unhappy. Though I paid quite a fortune for it this time (it is supposed to be of very high quality….we will see, huh?) this means that new handpainted lots may be in stock again, sooner than expected – WONDERFUL!!   Updates soon here on my blog. :o)


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